Everyone with Internet should know this

A Guide that the TV and Internet Providers do not want to be common Knowledge

I have put this little guide together because yesterday I rang BT to cancel my Mums TV/Internet and phone package with them. The Agent I spoke to was rather good at his job and if it wasn’t for my experience in this area. I would’ve almost certainly been scared to switch. It made me think how many people he would be able to keep as a customer just by confusing them.

The only requirement for this to work is that you are not in a contract with your current provider. So if you have been with them for longer than 12 months then you will be able to cut your bill down.

This whole process will take the length of a phone call but may save you over £100 a MONTH I have done this for many of my friends and family and it really is simple.

1.Find out who your TV and Internet provider are.

2. Give them a phone call, I will even post some numbers at the bottom of this page.

3. Tell them you would like to leave them, you will then be asked why you want to leave.

4. All you need to say is you are happy with the current service you are receiving, however you can’t really afford your TV/Internet/Phone package at the moment.

5. Firstly the company will then try and lower your bill and you will speak to someone from the retentions team. It is their job to keep you as a customer, they are trained in this and will be very careful in the information they are telling you, in order to make the offer they are giving you sound more appealing. Its their job.

6. Now at this point, if you are genuinely happy with your provider and don’t want to carry the cancellation on, then you can accept their offer of a new package HOWEVER, whatever they offer you at this point, WILL ALMOST NEVER BE THE ABSOLUTE BEST DEAL THEY CAN OFFER YOU. But like I say, you can agree to a new deal here, quite often this is something along the lines of, we will knock %25 off your bill for the next 6 months and everything stays exactly the same. Saving money from a simple call.

7. I do recommend following through with your cancellation though. You just need to tell them you are going to compare their offer with other providers new customer offers and make a decision then. Tell them they are more than welcome to give you a ring in a few days to see what you have decided BUT YOU DEFINITELY WANT TO CANCEL TODAY.

8. Again, at this point, ignore anything they say to change your mind. Believe me, they will say allsorts in order to confuse and scare you, things like disruption of your service, you wont get the same offer in a few days if you don’t make a decision today, ect, ect...IGNORE ALL THIS AND FOLLOW THROUGH WITH YOUR CANCELLATION.

9. It honestly doesnt matter at this point, because you have to give a cancellation notice period of 30 days. AT ANY POINT IN THAT 30 DAYS YOU CAN PHONE YOUR PROVIDER BACK AND TELL THEM YOU WANT TO STAY WITH THEM. 

10. So at the end of the phone call you should: Have cancelled your current provider and given them 30 days notice. This company then have 30 days in order to convince you to remain a customer of theirs. So expect a call in a few days from the same retentions department and they will most likely offer you a better deal. Its up to you whether to accept the new offer or not. Don’t feel too pressured into accepting a deal though as they will contact you throughout the 30 days with new offers. My friend waited until the 28th day and was offered an UNBELIEVABLE package. To be fair he is a very good at negotiating though, but still its worth considering.

11. If you don’t fancy the idea of shopping around comparing deals or simply can’t be bothered to have an engineer from a new company around fitting and installing new equipment. You can just wait until you receive a suitable offer from your current provider and accept that.

12. Personally I recommend shopping around and comparing providers. This can be done as simple as ringing a new provider and just telling them you are currently in the process of leaving your current provider, tell them what they have offered you and ask if they have any similar offers for a new customer.

13. If you decide to go for a new provider then they do everything for you, it really is that straightforward. My Mum was on a particularly old package nevertheless after switching providers she now has the fastest and best internet available and TV in 4 rooms with a lot more channels. ( She previously had TV in just one room and on a basic package ).  Her bill has gone from £108 per month down to £52. plus the better service. It really is worth doing.

Phone Numbers

Cancelling Sky : 0844 826 0685.  or 0800 151 2747

Cancelling BT :

  • From a landline: 0800 783 1401
  • From a mobile: 0330 123 4150*

Cancelling Virgin Media: 0345 454 1111

This genuinely works, I mean when you think about it, its common sense. They want to keep you as a customer, you already have all their equipment, why would they want you to leave?

I have my own personal preference, but in all honesty these companies are just as good/ bad as each other. They will give you a fantastic introductory offer for 12 months and after the 12 months the bill goes up to normal price. After 12 months though the customer can then change provider. Companies rely on customers not changing providers. Just make sure you are ahead of the game.

If anyone has any questions or additional information please feel free, I am no expert, but I do know a lot more than most.

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