To David Cameron

Hey Dave,

How’s it going pal?

I was just wondering if you could clear something up for me? I am a little confused.  I have just seen a story in the independent about a pupil from Eton who was found to have had over 2000 pornagraphic images of children as young as 2 years old, including rape and beastality. This article also went on to say that the pupil “approached” an undercover officer in a chat room. Where he offered to and subsequently shared indecent images of a boy aged 10 and girls aged 8 and 14.

Look Dave, here’s why I am confused.  This pupil, who lets face it attended Eton, so he can’t be stupid, or at least he shouldn’t be. He admitted to one count of possessing indecent images of children, 8 counts of distributing indecent images BUT MOST CONCERNING one count of MAKING indecent images of children. That tells me,

A man, took advantage of a child possibly as young as 8 years old and took indecent images of them.What you thinking now Dave? Pretty deep stuff that eh? Our justice system though will put someone like that away for a long time though right? I mean somebody like that is a real danger to society right?

Would you like me to tell you how long this sick and twisted individual got sentenced to? I mean, you most likely already know as I’m just speculating here, but i’d say you are aware of this perverts family.  He got 10 months, TEN MONTHS can you believe that ? 10 months Dave. That seems a little lenient to me, but atleast he is behind bars right? WRONG DAVE  He didnt even go to prison, that 10 months is suspended. Suspended for 18 months.

So heres what I would like you to clear up for me. This is where I become really confused.

A 17 year old Man, had in his possession over TWO THOUSAND PORNAGRAPHIC IMAGES, he admitted to one count of possessing indecent images of CHILDREN, 8 counts of distributing indecent images of CHILDREN, and unbelievably one count of MAKING indecent images of a CHILD. This person is not put in prison, this person is instead out in our society. This person is told if he gets in trouble with the police again in 18 months he will also get an additional 10 months in prison, although he will be out in half that.

Check this out Dave,  Do you know that we have some people in our prisons who are there for not paying council Tax? We have some people in our Prisons who are there for fighting whilst under the influence of alcohol, Burglary, stealing cars ect….Yet what is confusing is that this student of ETON, with very wealthy parents commits such an horrendous premeditated crime and does not go to prison? That really boggles my head that Dave. It was also reported that Andrew Boeckman (The Eton Pervert) was allowed to use his mother’s maiden name of “Picard” during his trial and the subsequent reporting. There is also reports that this perverts family has strong ties and close connections to members of Parliament, some people are even claiming he is just a small part of a VIP peadophile ring. I know this wont be true Dave, I just thought I better give you a heads up on the situation. Remarkably Dave, can you believe there are some people out there who are saying that if the EXACT SAME CRIME had been committed by someone from a council estate they would of received a different punishment? Some people are mad, eh Dave?

Anyway, other than that Dave, you seem to have this whole running a country thing boxed off. MP expenses, NHS, Immigration it all seems tickety boo.








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